Colour Managed Softproofing Server.

The Vision Server creates colour managed proofs from the final Bitmap images sent to the Plate or Image Setters.

By using the final image data the Vision system ensures that the proofs provided are an accurate representation of the final printed pages. Errors introduced anywhere in the workflow, for example PDF enhancement, RIPing, pairing and imposing, will show up in the Proof.

The Vision Server produces high quality, colour managed proofs for the Press Desks and the Production Office as soon as the final bitmaps are ready. The Proofs are therefore available for viewing before the plates are produced.

Vision's Remote Proofing facility enables clients to check for themselves the expected printed result using any standard Web Browser. This enables the client to be aware of the printed result and to check specific areas such as important logo and advert colours.

Additional modules are available to flag up erors such as poor text/image fit, overinking and possible RGB content in the origination.