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Welcome to the Global Media Solutions Limited Website.

Global Media Solutions has been serving Print Industries in the UK and Worldwide for over 30 years.

We are UK based with a presence in London and in the North of England.

We have experience and expertise in all aspects of print production from Pre-Press through to Post-Press.

At GMS we specialise in developing systems for Digital Workflow and Control Systems in the Newspaper and Label Print Industries.

Our developments include

Minotaur - A Press Monitoring and Reporting system with Web Browser interface.
Vision - A Colour Managed Softproofing System with Web and Press Desk based interfaces for Printers, Production Office and Clients.
Direct Drive - A speed optimised RIP and IJPDS builder for Kodak Versamark Digital Presses.   (Kodak Versamark is a trademark of Kodak)
CIP-See - A compact Image Viewer for PPF CIP3 files extracting the data and images in CIP3 files.
A CIP3 Builder generating PPF CIP3 Files from Bitmap or PDF files.
A CIP3 file to Ink Key Data Converter for use in closed and open loop Press Colour Management Systems.
Big Ducks - a Colour Managed RIP creating files to directly drive Large Format Digital Fladbed Printers used for printing on fabric, metal, packaging, labels, glass, acrylic, metal etc. Standard formats include CMYK, Mono, plus W, WW and Lacquer.