Kodak Versamark Digital Press Server.   (Kodak Versamark is a trademark of Kodak)

DirectDrive provides a fast and reliable method of producing Colour Managed IJPDS files from PDFs, TIFFs or other Bitmap files.

DirectDrive starts RIPping and building an intermediate IJPDS structure as soon as a Page image file arrives. As subsequent files arrive they are immediately processed and incorporated until all the pages have been processed.

Pages can arrive in any order singly and/or as multipaged files - and for multiple products. Page size, pagination and imposition are automatically set. As soon at the full compliment of pages for a product has been processed the final .ijp file is automatically created within seconds.

Edition changes or single page alterations require only the individual changed pages (or even a single separation) to be sent to DirectDrive. A new .ijp file is produced once all the new files have been processed - within seconds.

DirectDrive uses separate preconfigured control files for each product or group of products. This enables DirectDrive to receive and process multiple products automatically.

DirectDrive has a Server based Interface and Control Window along with Web based Monitor and Control pages that can be accessed from any basic Web Browser.

DirectDrive also has an optional dedicated Colour Managed Proofer, DirectView.
DirectView integrates with the Web based Monitor and can also be accessed from any basic Web Browser.