Big Ducks

Colour Managed RIP for Large Format Digital Printers.

Big Ducks creates raw data files for driving Large Format Flatbed Digital Printers.

The Big Ducks engine processes PDF, EPS or Bitmap image files to create a raw printer file in, for example .prt - WW+CMYK (+Lacquer) format, for printing on opaque media such as fabric, metal, plastic, packaging and labels or as a mirrored image for printing on the reverse of stock such as glass or acrylic.

Big Ducks uses separate preconfigured profiles for each product and printer. This automatically loads the correct layout, image size, colour settings and resolutions for each print job. The integral RIP is Colour Managed to ensure best results from the selected inks, print stock, print speed etc.

An interesting feature of Big Ducks is that it can increase the apparent quality of the final image on lower resolution printers by altering the Stochastic patterns and using any redundant printer X or Y stepping ability.